Co-branded cards

Use the power of partnership

Today's consumers look for products and services that simplify their lives and express their individuality. A co-brand partnership is designed to strengthen the bond with your customers. It can increase loyalty, attract new customers, lower your acquisition costs and help keep your business top-of-mind.

Why you should co-brand with Mastercard

For almost two decades, Mastercard has been a leader in the co-brand category and currently supports more than 10,000 initiatives worldwide. Our programs have evolved to meet the changing needs of our partners and their customers. We've amassed a wealth of information and data analytic capabilities that we can use to create a co-brand program that perfectly suits your company's needs.

Co-branded issuers

If you are ready to get started in setting up a co-brand program, contact one of the issuers below.

Alliance Data
Tiffany Cheairs

Ally Bank
Deepak Bhandari

Banco Popular
Maria Ponce

Matthew Naimie

Capital One
Contact the Co-Brand Team

Chase Card Services
Michelle Pena

Aarathi Reddy

Citi Retail Services
Joshua White

Commerce Bank
Mike Simpson

First Bankcard
Kent Hattery

Synchrony Financial Services
Brian Abry

U.S. Bank
Mary Ellen Leonard

Co-branded card consultants

In addition to contacting an issuer, you may also choose to contact a consultant who has expertise in setting up a co-brand program.

Advantage Consulting Group, Inc.
Chris Theoharides
(516) 795-7300

Affinity Financial Management Services, LLC
Donald W. Finch
(302) 528-1460

Auriemma Consulting Group, Inc.
Mark Jackson
(212) 323-7000

Blue Ocean Advisory
Rob Goeller
(801) 649-5406

First Annapolis Consulting, Inc.
John C. Grund
(410) 855-8500

GFS and Associates
George Schmelzel
(913) 230-4445

Summit Path Partners
Alyssa Mickle
(781) 710-2558

West Monroe Partners
Eric Marks
(646) 998-9189